Teamreporter can be used for stand-up meetings of remote teams. Teamreporter solves the communication problems remote teams usually have by replacing stand-up meetings with standardized email rollcalls.

Stand-up meetings (also known as “stand-up”, “morning rollcall” or “daily scrum”) are daily meetings with the whole team to update every team member about the team’s status. Usually stand-up meetings take place in the morning at the same time and location and last about 15 minutes.
In this time every team member answers the questions

  1. What did I accomplish yesterday?
  2. What will I do today?
  3. What obstacles are impeding my progress?

The purpose of the stand-up meeting is not to control the team, but to increase communication and interaction between the team members. Another reason for stand-up meetings is the ability to recognize upcoming problems early. After the stand-up meeting (“follow-up”) team members can help other team members with their problems and give tips.

Remote teams (also known as virtual teams, geographically dispersed teams or distributed teams) are not working on the same place. They need to use technologies to communicate with each other and they can not do stand-up meetings the usual way.

Because remote working teams don’t have one location and maybe are not working in the same timezone, they need other tools to do their stand-up meeting.

This is why Teamreporter is best for remote teams: After setting up Teamreporter every team member is asked the stand-up questions at the same time. Later everybody receives the answers in a report via email. So the purposes and benefits of stand-up meetings are also provided to remote working teams.

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