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What is a Work Status Report?

A work status report is a kind of report that reflects the status of a certain work or project. The status includes details on the work progress, achievements or accomplishments, plans or goals, and conflicts.

Who does Work Status Reports?

A work status report is usually prepared and completed by office staffs to be submitted to their superiors or to their teammates. In a corporate setting, a secretary prepares the work status report and submits it to the boss. In an online environment, a virtual secretary or a virtual assistant may do the work status report.

Why do people do Work Status Reports?

People do work status reports in order to inform team members and superiors what is happening to the delegated work or project. It is important to update the team members about the status of the work so that the entire team become familiar with the team’s achievements, goals, and problems. By doing work status reports, the members of the team will be able to know where they are heading. Overall, work status reports serve as efficient means of communication among team members.

How to do a Work Status Report

Writing a status report is a good way to effectively inform team mates or supervisors on the work accomplishments, plans, and conflicts.

It is important to include the name of the person who prepared the report as well as the date when the status report was made. The name and the date can be included in the subject line if the work status report is to be submitted via e-mail. A header can be placed at the top of the report if it is a standalone document.

A work status report includes three things: accomplishments, goals, and problems.

Accomplishments are simply the team’s achievements over time. These are significant milestones the team has reached within a specific time frame. In including the accomplishments in the report, it is essential to include the timeline. This way, the achievements of the team will be highlighted in a chronological manner, allowing the entire team to completely follow with the direction of the project they are doing. The greater the accomplishment of the team, the higher the team motivation will be.

Plans are also included in a work status report. They are the next actions the team will take in order to succeed in the project. Plans should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. A good plan is the foundation of strategies and actions to be implemented. Plans that were structured in previous meetings should also be reviewed and re-established accordingly.

Actual and potential problems that team members have should also be included in the report. Actual problems are those that are ongoing or existing while potential problems are those that are foreseen. Both problems should be identified and addressed in the work status report so that the team can think of ways to solve existing problems and prevent potential problems.

Advantages of doing Work Status Reports

Work status reports present an array of benefits to the team.

Team members will quickly know what is happening in the team and the project at a glance with the help of work status reports. Tasks that are overdue or delayed can be easily identified. Also, team contribution as well as task completion can be monitored while identifying operational inefficiencies.

Work status reports increase the productivity of the team. The focus of the team can be enhanced by ensuring that the plans that are set by the members adhere with the goal of the company. Also, the reports help the team to manage tasks according to priority and accomplish them in a timely manner. Also team performance can be evaluated by work status reports.

The team can also make better decision based from the information in the work status report. The decision is more reliable since it is data-based and not gut-based. In addition, work status reports provide an effective communication among team members.

Disadvantages of doing Work Status Reports

While work status reports present various benefits to the team, they also have their drawbacks.

Preparing reports can be really tedious for some team members because considerable time, effort, and money are needed. This may compromise a team’s ability to invest in project operations or expansions.

Sometimes, reports are incomplete and inaccurate due to human error. This may produce an adverse domino effect to the planning, implementation of strategies, as well as in the evaluation of outcome.

Best practices for doing Work Status Reports

In order to make work status reports more efficient, they have to be submitted in a timely manner. Planning, implementation of actions, and evaluation of outcomes are dependent to good reports, so reports should always be on time.

Reports must be clear and concise, maintaining their simplicity. A work status report showcasing clarity and conciseness is easier to be read and understood by all members of the team. Moreover, the content of the work status report should be comprehensive, direct to the point, and genuine.

How Teamreporter help at doing Work Status Reports

Teamreporter is an application that facilitates communication within the group without the need of going to live or virtual meetings.

The application helps in the creation of work status reports because it notifies team members via e-mail, asking them to submit information pertaining to their accomplishments or achievements, plans or goals, and project-related problems.

Teamreporter presents the status of the work to all team members once they completed the submission of information to the application. The summative update about the project will be sent the following day.

The application can generate work status reports easily since it collates information from team members in an easy and automated system. To add, actual and potential problems can be detected and solved early.

Teamreporter possesses full flexibility that it allows the customization of its settings in parallel with the business workflow. Questions can be changed as well as the day and timing of reminder mails. Also, the app can be incorporated into the other apps that are used in a device.

Overall, Teamreporter is an efficient communication tool for various teams, especially in the field of business.

Alternatives to Work Status Reports

Work status reports are effective communication tools within the team. They also allow superiors to track their staffs’ performance and progress. Usually, superiors do not have all the time to discuss tasks with the staffs on a one on one basis, a reason why work status reports are to be done. Work status reports are done to inform all projects, tasks, and progresses within a certain period.

Aside from preparing work status reports, some options to communicate with the team are live meetings and virtual meetings. Live meetings allow group members to discuss matters face to face. Most things can be settled during the meeting, while pending matters can be listed as the next agenda on the next meeting. Virtual meetings can also be done if the members are spread in different locations and time zones. All they need to have are the laptop, headset, and internet connectivity. Also, reporting application can also be used to generate work status reports, since they have fast and automated way of preparing such reports.

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