Teamreporter will help you and your team to do virtual stand-up meetings.

Virtual teams are often challenged, because they don’t work in the same office and often not in the same timezone. It’s very hard, to meet at the same place. Usually virtual teams use video conference apps or chat rooms, but also with these tools need people to be at that place (e.g. a chat room) at the same time.

Being in the chat room is hard, but follow a conversation that is not focused is even harder. It’s also hard to schedule a meeting which fits in everybody’s timetable.

Wouldn’t it be great, if there is a solution which makes it possible to inform the team about your progress and problems and being not at the same time and stay focused?

This is why Teamreporter is best for virtual teams: After setting up Teamreporter every team member is asked the stand-up questions at the same time. Later everybody receives the answers in a report via email. So the purposes and benefits of stand-up meetings are also provided to virtual working teams.

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Teamreporter is free for small teams (up to 4 members)