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What is a Team Progress App?

A team progress application or app is an application that collects reports from a team. It is designed to facilitate communication within the team, allowing the team members to be updated on the team’s status and progress.

Who uses Team Progress Apps?

Team progress applications are used by various teams coming from different industries. The application has its own features that help the team plan, implements actions, and reach their goals. Team progress apps are also used by teams known as virtual teams. These teams have members who come from various places and time zones and they make use of a stable internet connection to send and receive data to and from their teammates.

Why do people use Team Progress Apps?

Business teams use team progress applications for a number of reasons.

Team progress applications facilitate communication within the team. It is true that communication is important to a team’s success as it helps the team know what is happening to the team and to the project. Without an effective means of communication, a team will never succeed in attaining its goals.

Team progress applications update the team about its status and development, helping the team to know its place in the project’s timeline. The team will also be able to determine its achievements within a specific time frame. Also, the team will be able to identify actual and potential problems, which can stop the team from achieving its goals.

Team leaders also use team progress applications in monitoring the status, progress, and performance of the team. Managers, supervisors, and even chief executive officers will be able to identify the members who perform well, as well as the members who need further assistance. The information inculcated in the application also helps team leaders in devising their training methods for the team.

How to use a Team Progress App

Team progress applications are usually automated and user-friendly. This is to help the team send and receive information to and from their team members easily. Some applications utilize report mails to notify team members and ask them to send information about their status and progress.

Generally, team members enter information on their achievements and issues within a specific time frame. Aside from the team’s accomplishments and problems, the team can also include their strengths and weaknesses. This enables the team to think of ways that will boost its strengths and will eliminate its weaknesses. Open opportunities can also be included by the team in the app, allowing them to grab chances that will help them succeed. Threats are also identified by the team to help them think of possible solutions and preventive measures to the problems.

Advantages of using Team Progress Apps

Using team progress applications is helpful to the team.

Team progress applications act as communication vehicles to the team. The application provides updates to the team on its status and progress and helps the team identify both positive and negative aspects of their performance. In addition, applications are integrated in laptops or devices like smartphones, enabling them to be used by the team anytime and anywhere.

Information that team members send to team reporter applications include the team’s achievements and problems. The achievements of each team member will inspire and motivate team members, boosting the team’s performance. The problems of the team, which can be actual and potential, will aid the team devise plans and strategies to solve existing problems and prevent potential problems.

Team progress applications can help the team in making crucial decision making. Information like the team’s plans, strategies, actions, and evaluations are indicated in the report, which let them know if their current strategy helps them reach their goals or not. The application will help them easily get the information they need so that they can adjust their plans accordingly.

Disadvantages of using Team Progress Apps

While using team progress apps have a number of benefits, it also presents some disadvantages.

Some users complain that some apps contain virus, which adversely affects the functionality of their devices. This leads to the corruption of data in devices such as laptops and smart phones. As further result, business and personal information important to the team will be gone. Reports, which are stored in the phone or in the app itself, will be removed, reducing the team’s future references.

Another issue with using team progress applications is the high reliability to internet connection. Poor or absent internet connection will challenge the team in sending and receiving data to and from team members. Failure to send and receive information will lead to missing data reports, which will adversely impact the overall performance of the team.

Best practices for using Team Progress Apps

Weekly updates help the whole team in reaching their goals by giving members updated information on a weekly basis.

In using the team progress app, team members should always use the latest information. This is to ensure that the team always gets the freshest information that will help them monitor their status and progress.

The data in the report should also be organized and coherent. This is to facilitate easy readability and comprehension, which allows the readers to assimilate the message the team wants to convey in the report.

Complete and accurate information should also be contained in the report. This is to ensure that there is no missing and incorrect data. Also, a complete report in the apps will not prevent a number of queries, clarifications, and possible report amendments.

Using team progress applications entails that all team members should use that particular application. This is for the virtue of universality in using the app. In addition, team members will be able to send and receive information to and from their teammates with no problem.

How Teamreporter helps as a Team Progress App

Teamreporter is a business application that uses scheduled report mails to replace status meetings. Using Teamreporter will reduce the number of status meetings a team has.

Teamreporter has an automated and easy to use system, which helps the team send and receive information to and from their teammates. The application sends an e-mail notification to the team members, asking them to send information like their accomplishments, plans, and goals. Based from the members’ replies, Teamreporter will generate a summary, which will be sent the following day.

Team leaders also benefit from Teamreporter. The information they get from their team members help them monitor the status and progress of the team and the project. Also, team leaders can utilize data from the members’ reports when they prepare their training materials for the team. Moreover, Teamreporter helps team leaders identify members that perform well and members who need further assistance.

Teamreporter is also flexible that users can modify the questions on its user-friendly interface. Also, users can adjust the schedule of the report mails it sends to the team members. In addition, Teamreporter can be configured as to who will receive the reports and who need to send reports. Teamreporter’s flexibility allows the team to use it in accordance to their work flow and environment.

Overall, Teamreporter is an application that is capable of providing information about the status and progress of the team and the project.

Alternatives to Team Progress Apps

Team progress apps provide a number of advantages to the team, helping them to succeed and reach their goals. However, there are other options that the team can consider.

E-mail reports are possible alternatives to team progress apps. While both can be used using internet connection, e-mail reports can be faster if the team member is using the e-mail. Also, the use of the keyboard can be very helpful for reports with a lot of information. However, the advantage of using team progress reports is its portability, allowing team members to send and receive information anytime and anywhere.

Paper-based reports are possible options the team can use, aside from the team progress applications. They can be accessed without internet, which is helpful in times of poor or absent internet access. Also, paper-based reports cannot be corrupted, unlike digital reports in emails and applications.

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