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What is a Report from an Employee?

A report from an employee is a document containing information and updates on the standing and development of the team or the project itself. It includes vital information that will keep the employee’s superior on what is happening in the business.

Who does the Report?

Employees generate reports to their superiors. Since their leaders are absent in the workplace at times, employees have to create something that will serve as their communication channel to their bosses.

Why do Employees do Reports?

Employees make substantial reports for their superiors for the following reasons.

Communication is the primary reason for making reports. By doing reports, employees will be able to communicate what has happened to the team and the business in a specific period of time. Even if they do not meet their superiors every day, they will be able to get in touch through the information included in the report.

Employees do reports so as to share their achievements not only to their superiors, but also to their team mates. Their accomplishments serve as inspiration and motivation to others, allowing them to do better in the workplace.

How to do Reports from Employees / Ways to do Reports from Employees?

Reports from employees showcase essential and supportive information about the undertakings, activities, status and progress of the business team and the project itself.

By doing the employee report, the data should be complete, accurate, fresh and factual. These elements are important as they serve as a guide to the team’s goal formulation, strategy development, action execution and outcome evaluation.

The accomplishments and problems of the team are also inculcated in the report. The achievements let the members and leaders know what the team is capable of doing, while inspiring and motivating them to boost their performance. Problems are also included in the report in detail so that members and leaders will be able to identify and prioritize them, allowing them to give solutions and prevention to the problems.

Advantages of Reports from Employees

Reports from employees are advantageous to the business team for the following reasons.

The first advantage is communication, for employees will be able to inform their team mates and superiors about their concerns regarding the team and the business. The superiors of the team will also be informed and updated on the status and progress of the team and the business itself, along with information on their achievements, plans and problems.

Another advantage of doing reports is the presentation of complete, factual, accurate and updated information, which will help team members and leaders to compare past and present data, make analysis, inferences and conclusions, as well as to make rational decisions, which will help the team in the future.

Disadvantages of Reports from Employees

While reports from employees can be advantageous in big ways, there are also circumstances in which it can be disadvantageous to the business team.

Writing a report for the team can be tedious and time-consuming, as one should have all pertinent information at hand. Missing any relevant information will compromise the integrity of the report, since the paper should contain complete and accurate details so as to effectively assist employees and team leaders in planning and strategizing.

Sending online reports may be very helpful as it allows members to directly send and receive information and updates to other members of the team with ease and speed. However, poor or absent internet connection disables them to spread information, which may delay and negatively impact the team’s performance.

Best Practices for doing Reports from Employees

Reports from employees help team employees, leaders and affiliates to become completely knowledgeable, updated and wary on the standing and development of the group and the business project itself.

Completeness and accuracy are two important elements to consider in writing an employee report. This can be achieved by using a small notebook where employees can write down what happened on a day or within a specific timeframe. This is truly helpful as it allows them to write the report easier and faster as information that they need is already written down on the notebook.

Data clarification is another vital component of an employee’s report. This process ensures that all information in the report is complete and accurate. In addition, verification of data increases the ability of members and leaders to pay attention to details.

Organization of data is also important in writing reports. Employees and leaders can use bullets to list down information in a synthesized manner, in contrary to a paragraph form, which needs increased reading time. Also, team members and leaders can make use of headings and sub-headings to serve as guide for readers when they read the report.

Report writing can include qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data refers to descriptive data while quantitative data refers to numbers and figures. Qualitative data can be presented in a narrative approach or by listing, while quantitative data is best presented by using tables, graphs, charts and diagrams.

How Teamreporter helps Employees at doing Reports

Teamreporter is an application that utilizes scheduled report mails to reduce the number of status meetings a team has. It is free to use for teams up to four members and signing up just takes less than one minute.

Teamreporter can help employees prepare and send their reports easily and swiftly as the application’s interface is automated and user-friendly. It sends the team e-mail notifications, which asks team members and leaders to submit information, such as their issues, achievements and plans. Based on their reports, Teamreporter will generate a summary, which will be relayed to the team members the next day.

The employees’ superiors can also benefit from Teamreporter, as the application’s report gives them a clear oversight of the team’s activities and the business’ status. With Teamreporter, employers can also gauge their team’s performance, which enables them to decipher the employees who perform well and those who need further assistance. Also, Teamreporter can help employers in making their own report, evaluation and training modules.

Teamreporter is flexible, as teams can easily change the questions and the schedule of the report mails in its interface. Team members and leaders can also modify the list of members who need to send a report and those who will receive a report. Also, Teamreporter can be used with a web browser or an e-mail, in addition to the existing applications that are used by the team.

Alternatives to Reports from Employees

While reports from employees can be evidently helpful to the business team, there are other alternatives that the business team can consider when doing business reports.

One option is the use of e-mail status updates and reports. This method of sending reports allows team members and leaders to submit information and updates to and from other members of the team easily and swiftly. They just have to own a computer or smartphone with stable internet access. However, the problem is that if the internet connection is poor or absent, members and leaders will not be able to send and receive reports.

Another alternative to reports from employees is the conduct of status meetings. These meetings serve as quick ways to take note of important information and updates about the team’s status and development. However, this is not applicable to virtual and asynchronous teams as these teams have dispersed team members.

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