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What is a Report from an Assistant?

A report from an assistant is a document encompassing data and updates on the activities, status, and progress of the team or the project itself. It also contains important details that will help both leaders and members on what is happening in the team and the business.

Who does the Report?

Assistants do the report to their superior as part of the concept of chain of command, in which subordinates need to inform and update their superiors on the status and progress of the team. Usually, the team secretary may be delegated to do the task, compile the reports of other staffs, and submit the final report to the leaders.

Why do Assistants do Reports?

Office assistants make substantial reports for their superiors for the following reasons.

One is communication. Reports allow assistants to inform and update their superiors about the status and development of the team and the business. Important matters, such as the team’s achievements and conflicts, can be included in the report to make everyone aware of these concerns.

With the complete, accurate, factual, and updated information in the reports from assistants, both the team members and leaders will be able to compare and contrast current information with and from data in previous reports. Also, they will be able to analyze the report data, make significant inferences and conclusions, and make rational decisions.

How to do Reports from Assistants / Ways to do Reports from Assistants?

Reports from assistants present important and helpful facts about the endeavors, activities, standing, and progress of the business team and the project itself.

In writing the report, assistants should include complete and accurate information. This is because the data in the report lays the foundation of the future plans and activities of the entire team. Incomplete and inaccurate information can lead to faulty plans, strategies, and actions, which will compromise the performance of the entire team.

Primarily, team assistants should include the team’s achievements and problems encountered within a specific timeframe. This information allows the whole team know what they have done and what issues they have to face in the long run. Aside from these bits of information, assistants can also include plans, strategies, actions, and evaluations, which can help them adjust their path in the future.

Advantages of Reports from Assistants

Reports from assistants are beneficial to the business team for the following reasons.

Writing a report allows assistants to communicate important information and updates to team members and leaders, especially those information that are urgent in nature like new, changed, or corrective information.

The achievements and issues in the report from an assistant also help the integrity of the entire team. The team’s accomplishments reflect the team’s capacity, while inspiring and motivating others to perform well. The problems identified by the team can be actual or potential, and early identification of these problems allows the team to solve and prevent them.

Disadvantages of Reports from Assistants

Although reports from assistants can be helpful in a number of ways, there are also instances in which it can be adversely impactful to the business team.

One is generating and sending reports online. With the power of the internet, assistants and leaders are capable of sending and receiving information and updates to and from other members of the team. They just need their computers, smartphones, and a stable internet connection to communicate with other team members with just one click. But then, poor or absent internet connectivity will compromise information dissemination.

Another disadvantage of doing reports is cost. Some teams, such as the start-up teams may find report writing costly, due to the need of paper, ink, and printer, not to mention that electricity is required to make a report in a computer or laptop. Some start-up teams will not be able to follow, as they may not have adequate funds to get these requirements.

Best Practices for doing Reports from Assistants

Reports from assistants help team members and leaders to become totally knowledgeable, updated, and wary on the status and progress of the team and the business project itself.

The report should be complete, accurate, factual, and updated. These elements are important in a report as these help the team formulate plans, develop strategies, implement actions, and evaluate outcomes. To make these possible, assistants can use a small notebook or notepad, where they can write down specific information that has transpired within the day or within a specific period of time.

Achievements and issues should be well-defined in the paper. The team’s accomplishments serve as the positive points of the team, which can attract potential partners like venture capitalists. On the other hand, the inclusion of the team’s problems in the report allows members and leaders to prioritize problems and think of ways to solve actual problems and prevent potential issues from becoming actual problems.

Organization is another key element in a report. To preserve this, team members can make use of headings and sub-headings, which guides readers as they read the report. Also, these headings provide coherence to the entirety of the paper. Bullet points can also be used in listing down information in a synthesized manner, allowing the readers to assimilate information more easily.

Qualitative and quantitative information can be included in the report. Qualitative data are those that are descriptive in nature while quantitative data refer to numbers and figures. In terms of presentation, qualitative information can be presented in a narrative manner, or in paragraph form. On the other hand, quantitative information can be shown using tables, graphs, charts, and diagrams.

How Teamreporter helps Assistants at doing Reports

Teamreporter is a business application that reduces the number of status meetings a team has by utilizing scheduled report mails. Teams that have up to four members can use it for free and signing up for an account just takes up to less than a minute.

When it comes to interface, Teamreporter’s crossing point is automated and easily used by members, allowing assistants and leaders to send and receive information and updates easier and faster. Teamreporter sends them e-mail notifications, asking them to send important information, such as the team’s achievements, problems, and plans. Then, based on their responses, Teamreporter will generate a data summary, which will be sent on the next day.

Teamreporter is also flexible because assistants and leaders can change the questions and the schedule of the report mails in the application’s interface. Also, they can modify the list of members who need to send the report and those who will receive the report. Members and leaders can also use Teamreporter with an e-mail or web browser, in conjunction with other applications used by the business team.

The application can also benefit team leaders, as they can get a clear oversight of the team’s status and progress. They can use the data from the application in evaluating teams and their members, allowing them to know those who perform well and those who need further assistance. Also, team leaders can also use data from Teamreporter when they make their reports and training modules.

Alternatives to Reports from Assistants

While reports from assistants can be clearly helpful to the business team, there are other options that the business team can take into account when doing business reports.

The team can conduct stand-up meetings to inform and update all members and leaders about the status and progress of the team. These are quick and face to face ways of tackling important issues and concerns within the team, allowing members and leaders to spot problems that need to be solved. However, live status meetings are not feasible for virtual or asynchronous teams as the members are in different locations and time zones.

Another option is the use of e-mail status reports and updates, which facilitate easier and faster communication within the team. With the use of the internet, team members and leaders can easily send and receive important information about the status and progress of the team and the business. However, poor or absent internet connection will not allow members to spread information.

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