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What are Reporting Services?

Reporting services refer to the systematic process of sending and getting data and updates to and from the members of the business team. Teams use such services, so as to provide adequate information on the accomplishments, progress, and problems of the team and the business itself.

Who uses Reporting Services?

Various teams use reporting services. Primarily, they are used by teams in the corporate world. Office workers have to send comprehensive information and updates to their superiors to give updates on what is happening in the team’s activities and the project. Also, information on the team’s achievements, plans, and problems are also included in the reporting services.

Why do Teams use Reporting Services?

Teams use reporting services for the following reasons.

Reporting is primarily done for communication, which is vital to every business. Strong communication channels enable team members and leaders to determine the status and progress of the team and the business. Also, communication facilitates a harmonious relationship among the members of the team, allowing them to work with each other hand in hand. As a result, the team will be able to reach its goals.

How to use Reporting Services / Ways to use Reporting Services

Using reporting services provides impactful and referential information about the performance, activities, standing, and progress of the team, the project, and the team’s affiliates.

In writing a report, the content should be complete, accurate, fresh hand, and organized. These elements are important as they help the readers to completely understand the content of the report. Also, the reports allow the team to make concrete plans, develop vibrant strategies, and employ effectual actions.

Reporting services also enable team members and leaders to compare and analyze previous and current information, allowing them to make significant inferences and conclusions, as well as make logical decisions, which will help them to direct the project well.

Advantages of using Reporting Services

Reporting services are helpful to the team and the project for the following reasons.

Communication is one of the primary goals of reporting services. It helps team members and leaders to become equipped with adequate information, allowing them to figure out their moves in the future. Reporting services help teams in formulating plans, developing strategies, and implementing actions.

Another advantage of using reporting services is a smooth workflow. Reporting services allow the spread of information in a consistent and organized manner, letting team members and leaders perform their regular duties and responsibilities more efficiently.

Disadvantages of using Reporting Services

While the use of reporting services can be helpful to the team in several ways, there are also some instances in which they can put negative impact to the business team.

Online reporting paints the need of a stable internet connection. While team members and leaders can send and receive information and updates to and from other team members in a single click, poor or absent internet access will not make it possible.

Reporting services are forms of reporting and the reporting process can be tedious and time-consuming. With team members and leaders loaded with their regular tasks and responsibilities, they will not have sufficient time to start or accomplish the report.

Best Practices for using Reporting Services

The utilization of reporting services helps team members and leaders to be adequately informed, updated, and aware of the status and progress of the team and the project itself.

To preserve the report’s completeness and accuracy, team members and leaders may consider writing down specific details about the team or the project on a notebook or a notepad. They can also opt to save these details on their phone, with the rise of technology. Note taking is a commendable move for team members and leaders if they want the report’s contents to have adequate information.

Organization is another key to a good report. Reporting services should integrate the use of bullet points, headings, and subheadings in the report. Bullet points can be used to list down important details about the team and the project. On the other hand, headings and subheadings will boost the readability of the report as they guide the readers as they scan the report.

Reports should utilize a kind of language that is understood by the readers. Acronyms and jargons should be used in limitation as they have multiple meanings, which can mislead readers. The words that are used should not be casual, since business reports utilize academic writing.

Quantitative data is also part of report writing, aside from qualitative data. While qualitative information being presented using narratives and paragraphs, quantitative information are best presented using tools like tables, charts, graphs, and diagrams.

Why Teamreporter is a great Reporting Service

Teamreporter is a reporting application that utilizes scheduled report mails to replace stand-up meetings. It can be used free of charge by small teams with less than four members. Additionally, one can sign up for an account in less than a minute.

When it comes to interface, Teamreporter’s is promising as its interface is automated and user-friendly. Teamreporter sends e-mail notifications to team members and leaders, requesting them to send pertinent information and updates, such as the team’s achievements, issues, and goals. Based on the answers of the team members, Teamreporter will yield a data summary, which will be distributed to the team the following day.

Flexibility is another good point about Teamreporter. Team members and leaders can modify the query structures as well as the schedule of the report mails in Teamreporter’s interface. In addition, they can also alter the list of members who have to send reports, along with those who will receive the reports. Moreover, Teamreporter can also be used by team members and leaders in any work flow or environment, not to mention its suitability with web browsers and e-mail.

Team leaders can also benefit from Teamreporter. The application’s information gives leaders a clear view of the group and the project itself. Also, team leaders can use the application’s reports to identify members who perform well and those who need their assistance. In fact, team leaders can also utilize the information from Teamreporter when they craft their own reports or when they prepare training modules.

Alternatives to Reporting Services

Reporting services are efficient in spreading information in teams; however, business team can also take into account some options that the team can use or do when doing reports.

One option is sending e-mail reports and updates. This method allows members and leaders to send and receive information and updates to and from other members of the team without hassle. Sending e-mail updates is also highly favorable for virtual teams as this method do not require meet-ups or face to face sessions. However, this requires a stable internet connection and poor or absent internet access will not enable users to send e-mails.

The other alternative is the use of paper-based reports. These reports are black and white in nature and are easy to access since they are printed. In addition, team members and leaders will be able to have them as an easy reference if they have to clarify information with the previous reports. They will not have to access their computers or connect online to check information. However, a bulk of paper-based reports may be inconvenient to carry from place to place.

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