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Why do Construction companies do Reports?

Construction companies are made up of people who are delegated to work on a site. These companies are usually responsible in manufacturing construction supplies and equipment as well as the assembly of structures like homes and buildings.

The Construction company prepares construction reports so as to present information on the techniques of building various structures, the accomplishment and progress of the construction activity, the plan on a day to day basis, and also the problems that are experienced by the team.

Construction reports are also done by the lead construction manager to provide general information about his management of his subordinates, their performance, accomplishments, plans, and problems. In addition, construction managers also write construction reports so as to discuss the status of the time and budget constraints of the project.

Reports for the Construction company are also done to discuss the strategies and actions the team is going to implement, which should be in accordance to their short and long term goals. Moreover, construction reports are also done by the Construction company to connect current evaluation for the existing and previous plans made by the team.

Construction companies also generate construction reports to provide information on the team’s observations in the form of positive and negative cues. Information from the team’s observation will help them develop a plan, a strategy, and a set of actions to follow.

Overall, construction reports will guide the team throughout their project.

How do Construction companies usually do Reports?

Construction reports contribute to the universal success of a project’s delivery, allowing the team attain their goals safely and correctly.

Reports for Construction companies should apply tight time-scales. It involves the principle of time-boundedness. Information captured in the construction report should be updated and within a specific time-frame. The span of time the report covers should also be indicated so as to carefully monitor the progress and the trend of the team’s performance.

Updated and consolidated information should be presented in a construction report, since the projects delegated by the client have deadlines that need to be followed. The data should be able to connect the previous, present, and future of the construction project to ensure that the team will be able to finish it on time.

Information that can be included in a construction report includes the day to day conditions and activities at the worksite. Some construction reports also take note of the time when significant events take place. In addition, the number of worker or employees at the construction site can be documented, along with the quantity and types of work equipment at the site. Moreover, start time of work can also be included in the report, together with the job progress. Accidents are also common in the construction site and should also be documented in the report. It is also best to indicate in the report the days in which workers are not required to report to the site, such as cases of holidays.

Typical questions/metrics/topics that are usually covered in reports Construction companies are doing

Reporting for Construction companies covers the following:

  • What things do you consider as your strengths and weakness for the day?
  • Are the construction activities completed on time?
  • What are your planned activities for the tomorrow’s construction?
  • What part of the construction did you accomplish yesterday?
  • Was there any problem encountered on the construction site?
  • Do you have any contingency plan for foreseeable problems at the construction site?
  • What supplies and equipment have been used and should be delivered?
  • What portion of the building is set to be completed tomorrow?

Advantages & Best Practices of doing Reporting for Construction

Reports for the Construction company provide a summary of the hourly and daily status of the worksite, allowing offsite project administrators know what is happening at the construction site. Aside from the status, plans and goals of the team can also be reflected in the report. This helps both the on-site and offsite companies direct the path of the whole team in the future. The formulated goals of the team, which can be short or long-term, will help them devise and implement appropriate strategies and action for the project to be successful.

Construction reports can also generate positive client atmosphere as the report contains the progress of the team, allowing the client to know what is happening in the project. The status and development of a project is important in making construction reports, since the projects have their deadlines, in accordance to the client’s time frame. Construction reports helps the Construction company ascertain that the ongoing activities in the schedule will be completed in time.

Problems & Pitfalls Reporting for Construction usually has

While construction reports provide adequate data on the Construction company, they also present some disadvantages.

The Construction company is very busy in their building project throughout the day and construction process is seen as a physical activity. Writing a report may not be feasible as the team members are already physically exhausted from the construction task. If a construction report has been written down, it can be either incomplete or inaccurate secondary to the physical exhaustion of the workers at the site.

Accidents such as earthquake or bad weather can also affect the activities of the workers at the site and these phenomena will disable them from making a report. Safety in the work site is the priority concern when there is a disaster at the site; thus, on-site workers will not be able to generate the report efficiently.

Some construction sites are located in remote areas, where reception signal is dysfunctional. This signal problem can affect the communication of the Construction company members and the integrity of the project itself. If the construction report is to be sent online via e-mail, it will be a major problem to the team if it is under a low reception signal. In addition, construction sites in remote areas may have poor or no internet access. This may serve as another reason that will hinder the exchange of information between on-site and offsite companies.

Why Teamreporter is great in doing Reporting for Construction?

Teamreporter is an application that uses scheduled report mails to reduce the number of standard meetings a Construction company has to make. Construction companies can be sub grouped into four members to utilize the application for free. Team members can sign up an account in less than a minute.

Teamreporter is a good tool in the arsenal of a Construction company as it has an easy to use interface, which allows team members to send and receive information to and from their team mates easily. The application also has an automated system, which supports the exchange of reports among team members. The team members usually send information to their team leaders via Teamreporter.

The application sends e-mail notifications to the Construction company members, asking them to provide information on the team’s progress, activities, plans, and problems. Based from the replies of the Construction company members, Teamreporter will generate summarized information to be sent to the team the next day.

Teamreporter’s flexibility also contributes to the Construction company’s success. The application is adaptive to a team’s workflow and environment for users may change the questions in the system. Also, the schedule of the report mails can be adjusted in accordance to the team’s schedule. This will make the team’s procedural flow smoother than usual.

Team leaders can also benefit from Teamreporter. Because the application forwards the data from the team members of the Construction company to the team leaders, the superiors will be able to track the team’s performance as well as the progress of each member individually. Also, based on the reports of the members, team leaders will be able to identify the ones who need to be recognized as top performers and those who need further guidance.

Overall, Teamreporter is highly useable, not only to Construction companies, but also to other companies.

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