Teamreporter is a great choice for remote stand-up meetings because your team stays up to date easily.

Teamreporter enables every team member to take part in stand-up meetings in a very time-saving and focused way: Every team member is asked via email to file a report of their progress and problems – later every team member will receive a report together with the answers from the other team members.

Teams do stand-up meetings (also known as daily stand-ups) to boost their performance by communicating their status and problems to everybody else.

Especially remote teams are challenged, because they can not meet in the same room at the same place. Often remote workers are freelancers with own work schedules, so it is hard and expensive to do a stand-up meeting with the whole team on a regular basis.

This is why Teamreporter is best for remote teams: After setting up Teamreporter every team member is asked the stand-up questions at the same time. Later everybody receives the answers in a report via email. So the purposes and benefits of stand-up meetings are also provided to remote working teams.

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Teamreporter is free for small teams (up to 4 members)