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What is a Morning Update?

A morning update is a report format that presents the standing and the development of the team or a specific task. The term itself indicates that the report is sent to the team members early in the morning prior to start of the workday.

Who does a Morning Update?

Morning updates are similar to morning reports, which are being done by healthcare providers in institutions such as hospitals and caring centers.

Medical staffs usually prepare morning updates before they begin their routine in the morning. However, they can also generate an update in the middle of patient care rounds, provided that it is within the morning. Morning updates can be an important to update their colleagues on relevant information, issues, or concerns about their patients. Additionally, this allows medical staffs to provide care to their patients in a continuous manner.

In the army, a morning update is also prepared by the unit clerk of the army’s basic unit. The update reveals changes in the personnels’ schedule for the whole day or week. In addition, special announcements can also be included in the army morning update. It can be assumed that morning updates in the army are prepared with compliance and high structure, due to the army’s strict nature.

In the field of business, team members prepare and submit morning updates to update the whole team about the status and progress of the project. It also presents a wide scope of information including assessment cues, plans, implementation, and evaluation of outcomes. In addition, data on the team’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities can also be included in the morning update.

Why do people do Morning Updates?

Morning updates are done by the team primarily to present information to the team as early as possible within the day. These updates enable team members to note assessment data, existing and potential plans, actions to be implemented, and evaluation of outcomes. Brief information about the team’s strong and weak points is also included. Moreover, threats to the team as well as potential advancements can also be written in the update.

By giving information to the team early in the morning, team members will be able to note down positive news such as achievements, which can inspire all members of the teams. Morning updates can also bring up existing and foreseeable issues. Also, plans set by each member of the team are raised in the morning updates.

How to do Morning Updates?

Morning updates provide information to the team on the team’s general status and progress. Information that is usually covered by these updates includes accomplishments, goals, and conflicts. Aside from those details, team members also include information on what they observe in the workplace as well as their performance. These assessment details serve as the bases in establishing a concrete plan, which should possess specificity, measurability, attainability, realty, and time-boundedness. The formulated plan serves as the backbone for laying down the actions to be implemented by the team. Then, the team can also include brief status of the outcomes from previous tasks performed.

What are the advantages of Morning Updates?

Morning updates allow the entire team to receive fresh information early in the morning, thus, such updates are viewed as effective method of providing the most recent information to the team.

Communication is very significant in any field, may it be business, education, or healthcare, and morning updates has this function. It connects team members to each other, regardless of location and time zone, to make them at par with the team’s activities. Without a stable means of communication, a business team will not be likely to succeed, as there will be lack of coordination or miscommunication.

Getting all relevant information about the team and the project early is another advantage of morning updates. Team members will be able to plot their future plans for the day or for the entire week, since they already have information at hand. The updates can also help them evaluate outcomes of their previous activities, allowing them to make necessary adjustments for a more effective performance.

Above all, morning updates present first-hand information to the team at the earliest possible time that helps team members stretch their actions for the day.

What are the disadvantages of Morning Updates?

Morning updates can provide essential information to all team members prior to the start of the workday; however, these can also pose some cons.

Among the kinds of business reports, morning updates is viewed as the most arduous as they demand information to be sent to the team members at the earliest part of the day. It does not allow team members to work on the update at their own pace, since the updates’ deadline is early in the morning.
Because the updates reach team members early in the morning, information sent is likely to change within the day. A lot of changes may take place within the day and these frequent changes in information may cause confusion among team members. Changes in information may result to outdated information if updates are not regularly sent to all team members. There are also instances in which team members are pre-occupied with their other responsibilities that they may forget to update the team.

The promptness of information is considered an issue in morning updates. Which such updates are sent to team members as soon as possible, there are circumstances in which some members of the team fail to comply due to inevitable situations such as heavy traffic, rain, or flash flood, which prevent them from reporting to the office early and disseminate information in the soonest possible time.

What are the best practices in writing Morning Updates?

Morning updates act as the team’s newspaper as they bring the freshest information to the team when it comes to the team’s status and progress. So it is important to at least prepare the update before the day of submission.

It is best to generate a morning update before the following day. Some team members opt to draft the update the night before the day of submission, so as to prevent consuming time making it the following day. Writing a morning update can be time-consuming if the details to be included in it are unprepared in advance. Preparing the information to be included in the report beforehand will enable the team member to think clearly, which helps him list down the main points completely and accurately.

The language and content used in the update are important considerations in making a morning update. Team members should write the update in the most complete and accurate way possible to prevent missing information. Missing important information in the morning update is crucial to the performance of the team, since a missed action will affect the evaluation of the team.

How does Teamreporter help in Morning Updates?

Teamreporter is a program that replaces status meetings by the utilization of scheduled report mails. This method can help in the generation of morning updates, since the application’s report schedule can be adjusted to match the team’s workflow and environment.

Teamreporter also serves as a portable method of reporting within the team since it can used with an e-mail and a web browser. To add, it can be integrated to other existing software or programs used by the team. Moreover, the application supports small teams of up to four members and signing up just takes up to less than a minute.

Sending reports is also efficient when using Teamreporter, since the program has a user-friendly and automated interface that allows team members to exchange information faster and with no trouble. As an application, it is electronically done unlike other paper-based reports, which can be lost at one point.

Overall, Teamreporter stands as a reasonable method to spread and trade information among team members, allowing the whole team to accelerate its performance.

What are alternatives to Morning Updates?

Morning reports are great strategies for business teams, when it comes to provision of information to the entire team. These reports relay information in the earliest possible time, enabling team members to make appropriate adjustments to their plans and actions.

Some alternatives to morning updates are reports that do not require early release, such as daily and weekly updates. Both updates do not demand the team members to submit information early in the morning; instead, the data can be relayed to the team within the day, usually at the end of the day. Daily reports also provide updates to the team on a day-to-day basis, keeping the team members updated at all time. Weekly reports also provide information to the team members; however, information is more condensed unlike the daily reports.

Reporting applications can also be used as an alternative to a paper-based morning update as such applications send information to all team members regardless of location and time. Moreover, the members of the team can update their teammates without any trouble, even under circumstances like heavy rain or traffic.

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