Here are some best practices that team leaders use to motivate their teams to submit reports and to successfully adopt Teamreporter for their status reporting needs.

Take a look at the following ideas and get some inspirations on how to motivate your team for best results.

Make sure everybody joins your team

When you invite members of your team to Teamreporter, make sure that all of them confirm the invitation by clicking the link in the invitation mail. Only with a confirmed email address they are able to participate in status updates with Teamreporter.

Find best time for reports and reminders

Default time for Teamreporter asking for member’s reports is 2PM, but consider changing it to what suits best for your team.
Check if you need reports daily, weekly or just on specific days to avoid unnecessary emails. Some teams use Monday and Friday as reporting days.
Another improvement could be sending reminder emails one hour before the team members’ usual finishing time. This reminds the team of the report, but also enables team members that finish earlier to submit their reports.

Don’t micromanage your team

Avoid micromanagement by asking only for relevant details. Tell your team that you only need a general overview of the project’s progress and not those small details about every individual task.

Your team members will notice that you trust them and they won’t feel controlled.

Lead by example

Nothing inspires your team members more than seeing their manager leading the way. The project manager filing his report regularly underlines the report’s importance to all the team members.

Form new habits for the whole team

Get the team together and explain them the importance of submitting their status reports. Explain the improvements the team will gain from the regular report updates and that the new reporting will visualize the team’s progress.
Highlight that submitting the reports takes 3 minutes or less. It should be clear to team members that submitting a report is done easily and quickly.

The newness and the extra work could be intimidating at first – but go on and encourage your team members to report and they will soon get the hang of getting things done with Teamreporter.

Rewards, Gaming and Challenging team members

Your team members will be more amenable to extra tasks if there are rewards for getting things done and if there’s some challenge to the job.
In practice, you can develop a habit of reporting by offering incentives and rewards to consistent reporters (e.g. upon reaching or filing 10 reports, doing a monthly quota of status reports etc.).
Awarding the best written reports can also challenge team members, to give their best efforts to the report.

Share the results and celebrate the team’s success

Sharing the progress report openly to the whole team shows everyone the importance of submitting a report: Everyone gets an idea of where their efforts are ending up to and everyone sees the progress first-hand.
Last but not least – be sure to celebrate all the successes that your team makes. Satisfaction for jobs well done will boost your team’s productivity levels.