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What is a Daily Update?

A daily update is a type of report that aims to present the events that happened within the day. A daily update typically includes information on the team’s accomplishments, plans, and problems. The update also serves as the diary of a team member or of the entire team. In addition, it helps the team monitor their status and progress.

Who is doing a Daily Update?

The members of the business team are tasked to generate a daily update so as to provide new information to the team on a daily basis. The secretary of the team can also write a daily update, if it is part of her delegated tasks.

Why are people doing Daily Updates?

People generate daily updates to establish communication within the team on a daily basis. Communication is vital to every team’s success as it connects team members together. Lack or absence of communication prevents the team from achieving its goals.

Doing daily updates also help the team adjust the workflow for the day as the updates include essential information, such as the team’s accomplishments, plans, and problems. In addition, the team’s strengths and weaknesses are included, along with the open opportunities and threats.

How to do a Daily Update / Ways to do a Daily Update

Daily reports are generated by business teams to provide updates to the team on a daily basis, allowing the team to be fully informed about the status and progress.

Business teams should ensure that the data in the report is factual and up to date. This is for the team to be fully aware of what is happening in the team and the project. The team can also put additional information, in case there is missing information in the previous report. In addition, teams can also correct erroneous information that has been included in the earlier report.

Advantages of doing Daily Updates

Daily updates help the business team in various ways.

Daily updates provide communication to the team. This is to keep the team members connected to one another and updated on the team’s status and progress. Also, daily updates also reveal information that might be previously unknown to the team. Moreover, the update can correct erroneous data in previous reports.

Aside from establishing communication channels, daily updates help the team analyze their performance, draw valid conclusions and make inferences. More than that, all information coming from the team’s observations and assessment help the team elicit decisions that are crucial to the team’s current and future performance.

Disadvantages of doing Daily Updates

Daily updates help the business team in many ways, but they also present some disadvantages.

The team should include fresh hand information in the update to keep everyone in the team know what is new in the team and the project. This entails that the information in the update should be complete and accurate so as to prevent misleading the team in the course of the project.

Some members of the business team already have a number of delegated tasks to accomplish. Thus, adding a daily update to their to-do list may drown them with lots of tasks. Writing a daily report may adversely affect the team member’s performance, as the time intended for doing other duties and responsibilities may be compromised.

Best practices for doing Daily Updates

Daily updates benefit the whole team by providing members updated information on a daily basis.

A good update contains factual and up to date data so as to inform the team members with the freshest information about the team or the project. This will add knowledge to the team as well as correct any erroneous information from previous reports.

In addition, another trait of a good daily update is the organization and coherence of data. Organized and coherent data makes the report easier to comprehend to the readers, allowing them to effectively assimilate the information the team member or the team is trying to convey. The daily report should not be too short nor too long. A very short report may have missing or inaccurate information while a long report can be boring to read.

How Teamreporter helps at doing Daily Updates

Teamreporter is a helpful business tool to the team. It aims to reduce the number of status meetings the team holds by using scheduled report mails.

Teamreporter helps the team with its easy to use and automated system. The application sends notification e-mails to the team members, asking them to submit information on their achievements, plans, and problems. Based on the replies of the members, Teamreporter will generate a summary, which will be sent to the team the following day. Identifying these things will help the team make decisions, which can help them on their future performance.

The application is also flexible as the questions in its system can be changed, depending on the needs of the business team. In addition, the schedule of the report mails can also be modified to match the workflow of the team. This property makes Teamreporter suitable to any work flow and environment. The team can also integrate Teamreporter with the other applications they are currently using. Also, the list of recipients in the application can also be modified.

Team leaders can also benefit with Teamreporter as the reports generated by the application give them clear oversight of the team and its performance. They will be able to get essential information, which can be helpful to the team’s future and to their training strategies. Also, Teamreporter can also help team leaders identify those members who perform well as well as those who need further assistance. Teamreporter’s reports can also help team leaders make importance decisions that will guide the team in its endeavor.

Alternatives to Daily Updates

Daily updates stand as effective means of communication to a business team and it helps the team make their next move to hit their goals.

Some alternatives to daily updates are weekly and monthly updates. Unlike daily updates, weekly and monthly updates are less demanding as they do not require daily submission of information to the team and the team leaders. Reports of these formats also allow the team to have adequate time to generate the report.

Daily updates can be done in paper and electronically. Paper based updates can be easily filed in binders and can be accessed easier than electronic mails. However, they are easily destroyed in case of flood and fires. Electronic updates can be sent via mail or phone applications. They are easier to send to the team with only one click. Also, electronic updates do not take much of the office space.

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