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What are Client Reports?

Client reports are documents that contain pertinent data or updates about the standing and progress of the team and the business. The primary goal of these reports is to provide adequate knowledge to its readers like other team members, the team leaders, and the team’s affiliates.

Who does Client Reports?

Client reports are usually generated by the members of the team, while there are times in which even the team leaders themselves also produce a report for the clients. Businesses submit reports about updates on their products and services to clients as these influence their clients’ patronage to the products or services that they offer.

Why do Teams do Client Reports?

Business teams create substantial reports for the following reasons.

Communication is one primary point behind the creation of client reports. These documents present information on relevant matters or issues about the team, the company, and/ or the business itself. With these reports, the team will be able to communicate information to other members or leaders of the team, along with their clients.

Client reports provide information and updates to a business’ clients, which allow them to compare and analyze previous data, while making inferences and conclusions, as well as making logical decisions that can affect the operations of the team and the business.

How to do Client Reports / Ways to do Client Reports?

Client Reports present important and helpful ideas about the endeavors, activities, standing, and progress of the business team and the project itself.

In writing client reports, team members should ensure that the information in the report is accurate, timely, complete, and organized. Without these elements, the report will be poorly written, which will adversely affect the conduct of the business.

In line with providing complete data as complete as possible, team members may include pertinent information like the team’s achievements and issues. The team’s accomplishments can be included in the report to show the company’s capacity while serving as inspiration or motivation to the team members. The inclusion of the team’s issues, on the other hand, allows the team to discuss important matters, which can affect the team’s overall performance.

Advantages of Client Reports

Writing client reports is beneficial to the business group and the clients for the following reasons.

First is communication. Team members and leaders will be able to share what is happening in the business and the group to their clients and affiliates. They will be able to present positive updates, which suggest the team’s competence in the market. The team can also present negative updates, such as decline in trends, so that clients will be able to check if it is still safe to put their money on the said business.

Aside from keeping everyone informed about the status of a project or a business, client reports allow the business team to correct any erroneous information from the previous reports. More than that, additional information can be presented in the client report, allowing the team to formulate better plans, develop more efficient strategies, and execute more effective actions.

Disadvantages of Client Reports

Even though client reports can be helpful in several ways, there are also some instances in which they can present negative impact to the business team.

One disadvantage is the likelihood of clients to withdraw their connection with a company after the revelation of decreasing trends. Clients aim for the best products and service and seeing a business or a company flunk in the market makes them feel that they are not suitable partners of the company.

Another negative point of writing a client report is its tedious nature, leading team members and leaders to see it as a time-consuming activity. Team members want to be productive in their work in the office, but there are times in which they see report writing as an additional workload, which divides the time they have for all their tasks.

Best Practices for doing Client Reports

Client reports help the members and leaders to be completely well-informed, rationalized, and wary on the status and progress of the team and the business project itself.

Keeping a notebook where members and leaders can write down important details that happened within the day can be an important tool in report writing. With the contents of the notebook readily available as reference, team members and leaders will find no trouble in report writing.

With regard to the organization of the information in the report, members and leaders may use headings and subheadings, which can guide readers as they scan the report. Also, usage of headings will prevent the clients from becoming too overwhelmed with information. Bullet points can also be used to present data in a more synthesized approach.

How Teamreporter helps Teams at doing Client Reports

Teamreporter is an application that uses scheduled report mails as a replacement for status meetings of teams. The application can be used by teams will up to four team members for free. Signing up just takes up to at least less than a minute.

With Teamreporter’s automated interface, members and leaders will be capable of sending and receiving information and updates to and from other members and leaders of the team. Teamreporter sends e-mail notifications to the team, requesting them to submit vital information, such as the team’s accomplishments, plans, and issues. Based on the members’ answers, Teamreporter will send them a data summary the next day.

Teamreporter is also flexible, that team members and leaders can change the questions and the schedule of the report mails in its interface. Also, members and leaders can change the list of members who will receive the report and the list of those who need to send the report. In addition, Teamreporter can be used alongside other applications that the team is using.

Team leaders can also benefit from Teamreporter. They can use the data from the application to check the overall integrity, status, and progress of the team and the business. They will be able to identify team members that perform well and those who do not. Moreover, team leaders can use the data sent by Teamreporter when they make reports or training modules.

Alternatives to Client Reports

While client reports can be clearly helpful to the business team, there are other alternatives that the business team can take into account when doing business reports.

E-mail updates and reports can help send information and updates to clients easily and swiftly. Team members and leaders will also be able to make the team informed and aware about the teams’ activities, standing, and development even they do not see one another in person. The problem with using e-mail updates and reports is the requirement of a stable internet connection. If the connection is poor or absent, members and leaders will not be able to send or receive information to and from other members of the team.

Conducting a stand-up meeting is another way to update the team and the clients on the status and progress of the group or the project. When it comes to face to face meetings, stand-up meeting is a reliable reporting alternative, as it enables the team to become updated in a fast and direct approach. However, virtual teams will not be able to conduct a face to face or live meeting, since the members are in different locations or time zones.

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