With the use of technology, it is easy to do the work from remote places. It is actually good and has a lot of benefits for the worker.

According to a survey conducted by Microsoft on 2010, the U.S working summary states that there are about 62% of workers, who work at least a day at their homes. 10 to 15 million people run home business and more than 15 million of people are found of working part-time at their homes. With a computer and a proper connection of internet, the work can be easily communicated to and can be finished from home. The remote team management needs proper planning and execution of the plans.

There are some of the best practices or procedures that can be carried out for extracting effective work from the home based employees,

  1. Effective usage of Technology: With a properly equipped technology, a remote worker can be useful and can be effective in completing the work that is assigned. Some things that are to be provided for the employer are,
  • A good laptop, that can work smooth
  • A reliable network
  • A proper way to access to the company’s network
  • Access for messaging systems
  • A mobile phone for contacting

There are a number of resources that are available for home workers and when these are used right, they really seem helpful and reliable.

  1. Video Conferences: One of the best practice that is followed in the Remote team management is using video conferencing to connect to the employers. There are a lot of ways that an employer can connect to the workers, Google video chat, Skype, MegaMeeting are some ways, which allow to connecting the people face to face.
  1. Planning and Organizing are the key parts: As said earlier if you want to take over an effective remote team management, then planning is the primary key to be practiced. A plan figured out to good effect can prove to be important in managing a remote team. Organizing the resources well ahead of time is also an important criteria that has to be taken care of while managing a remote workers. Organizing includes providing sources like laptops, an access to network and a mobile phone for proper contacting. The material should be prepared and should be supplied to the workers as they finish a work. The working path should be refined and streamlined.
  1. Managing by Objectives: Objectives are to be set up while managing the remote workers. Managing by objectives is a best practice to successful and to be potent. This shows the workers that there is a system that has already been streamlined and that they should fit into it.
  1. Interact: Another important practice to be carried out is to, interact with the workers. Regular communication will lead to be a prosperous environment and will be helpful in getting reliable and building trust. A good supportive relationship will allow to face many pressures and to remove the stress found in workers and help in securing a good working relationship.

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