Get reports from your team – no meetings required!

Teamreporter kills your status meetings by replacing them with scheduled report mails.

Get Teamreporter - Free!
Teamreporter is free for small teams (up to 4 members) and signing up takes less than 1 minute!


How it works

1. Reminder

Teamreporter pings your team members by email and asks them for the day’s progress, problems and most important events.

2. Report

Based on the replies Teamreporter sends an overview of the team’s status to your team at the next day.

3. Relax

Your team gets information about its progress and obstacles will be identified early. No meetings required!

Teamreporter will help you to

  • Get status updates from team members in an easy and automated way
  • Notice and solve upcoming problems early
  • Improve communication within your team by sharing the progress and problems
  • Become a more efficient team by automatically informing everybody what the others are up to
  • Save tons of time and money by replacing your status meetings
  • Keep track of what’s going on in your team or company
  • Build an archive by creating a timeline of all reports automatically
  • Motivate your team by visualizing your team’s progress

Teamreporter is best for


Teamreporter helps teams, especially remote working teams, to track their progress, solve problems together and share their problems, challenges & knowledge.


Teamreporter helps CEOs to get the pulse of their company, gather the most important information easily and recognize upcoming problems early.

Project Managers

Teamreporter helps project managers to track the project’s progress easily and get updates on the project’s status without chasing down people for status updates.

Teamreporter will fit all workflows and work environments

  • Use a predefined scenario or adjust Teamreporter to your own workflow
  • Ask your own questions or schedule the times for reminder mails and reports
  • Configure which team members will receive reports and who will be reminded to submit updates
  • Connect Teamreporter with other apps (only available at paid plans – more information)
  • Works also for people outside your company
  • No IT department or extra hardware required
  • No additional software or training required

Why using Teamreporter is no hassle for you and your team

Ready in minutes

After signing up you will be able to create your team and add team members immediately. By tomorrow you will receive your first status report.

Start for Free

Teamreporter is free for teams up to 4 members. Only if you need more teams, team members or additional functions you need a subscription.

Full flexibility

Customize Teamreporter to your workflow: Change the report’s questions, the days & times for reminder mails & reports or integrate Teamreporter into other apps you are using.

No extra software

Neither your team nor you need to learn or install new software. Teamreporter is completely usable by email and a web browser.

No extra logins

Your team members don’t need extra logins, accounts or login credentials.
Teamreporter communicates with your team members via email using their regular email addresses.

No administration necessary

Once set up Teamreporter does not require any administration.
Reminder emails and reports will be sent fully automated.

Say Good-Bye to status meetings and conference calls!

Get Teamreporter - Free!
Teamreporter is free for small teams (up to 4 members) and signing up takes less than 1 minute!